As digital technology spread around the world, traditional Italian handbag manufacturing plants find it hard to survive against fierce competition dominated by marketing strategy. What’s worse, thousands of brands online purport to be the leader of Italian leather industry, which makes it hard to know the truth. After exposing to many fake Italian leather products, we know where to find the finest Italian leather and then process the leather in our Asian factory. Quality in raw material and workmanship are both guaranteed.

On quality, the following are two shopping tips:

1. LeatherFull-grain leather is recommended for being the best leather. It comes from the strongest and most durable part of the hide of an animal, with natural markings on its surface. Full-grain leather will develop a patina over time, which makes its color more charming. 

2. Handcraft: Premium leather products deserve to be handcrafted. Unique design plus superb workmanship offer good user experience.

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ISO 9001,14001
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