Made In Italy

As Italian tanneries have the cutting edge of leather production, we try to cooperate with Italian leather craftspeople. After exposing to many fake Italian leather products, we know where to find the finest Italian leather and then process the leather in our Asian factory. In doing so, our products are guaranteed to be made of 100% real Italian leather.


Nappa Leather - Made in Italy


Waxy Leather - Made in Italy


Deer Skin Sheep Leather - Made in France


Cabretta Sheep Leather - Made in France


Two features of our QUALITY leather products:

1 # Full-grain Leather   We are one of the few brands using full-grain leather on the market. Full-grain leather is regarded as the highest quality leather for it comes from the strongest and most durable part of the hide of an animal. What is interesting with this kind of leather is that it comes with natural markings and will develop a patina over time, which makes its color more charming.

2 # Handcraft  Each leather product is designed and made on our own and that’s why artistic value,workmanship and quality are remarkable. Take wallets for example. We go to great lengths in creating unique style and then use 2-3 pieces of full-grain leather together for one premium wallet. 

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ISO 9001,14001
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