Our Leathers

Made In Italy

As Italian tanneries have the cutting edge of leather production, we try to cooperate with Italian leather craftspeople. After exposing to many fake Italian leather products, we know where to find the finest Italian leather and then process the leather in our Asia factory. In doing so, our products are guaranteed to be made of 100% real Italian leather.


Nappa Leather- Made in Italy


Waxy Leather- Made in Italy


Deer Skin Sheep Leather- Made in France


Cabretta Sheep Leather- Made in France


How to find a QUALITY leather products:

Tip 1 # Leather   We only use the finest full-grain Italian leather.On the market , there are few brands using full-grain leather , because this kind of leather can not cover nature bad of the calf skin .This become a very big waste of the production .

Tip 2 # Handcraft   The handcrafted production of our products is surprisingly complex. We go to great lengths in designing superior products that give the user a unique experience.  In our wallet production, for example, we adopt the "Total Design" process where only two to three pieces of leather are used.The process is complex, but the result is an amazing quality that users appreciate.