It's not about talking sustainability, it's about being sustainable .Being sustainable rather than just talking has enabled us to become one of the most sustainable development and socially responsible companies in the world.

With our growing population, every company needs a clear focus on social responsibility and the environment . This positions Ikepod well and creates more opportunities since we are doing now what others will be forced to do in the future.   

We set ambitious goals and challenge ourselves to achieve these goals any way possible . We are becoming a leader in our industry . It's not easy but it is the right thing to do for the world and for our future.  

"If companies want to survive in future they need to have social relevance. Manufacturing sustainable products will be the most important part in this strategy". (Paul Polman, CEO Unilever)

More than 90% of the raw materials we use, such as leather, glue and even sewing thread are environmentally friendly . Our goal is to realize sustainable development and the progress of science and technology . Our hope for the earth is that we can better the goal of 'reducing impact' to that of 'nourishing our planet'.

It's not about talking - it's about being sustainable .