21 Stainless Steel Beard Comb

  • Double-Sided Design - One side has particularly fine teeth which are designed to really comb and unknit your beard while the other side has teeth in a standard size which is more suitable for styling your beard.
  • Handling Slim Size - Due to its practical size, the comb fits conveniently in your hand, wallet, pocket and thus allows a pleasant experience when you take care of your beard.
  • QUALITY - All CNC processed wallet comb, MIL-spec grade tech to guarantee the finest quality.
  • MATERIAL - IKEPOD Beard Comb is made of stainless steel and titanium alloy (50% lighter than steel) and designed in two styles. These pocket-size mustache comb last longer than any plastic and wood combs.
  • GUARANTEE - All Ikepod wallet combs offer a 10-year quality guarantee when used under normal conditions.

Say goodbye to sturdy and unruly beards with IKEPOD bead comb

Beard Comb is small enough to fit in a pocket and serve you everywhere you are!

The IKEPOD beard comb is made of high quality Titanium Alloy & Stainless Steel.Works great on all types of beards, long to short, curly to straight.